Green & Healthy Buildings

Most of us spend more time inside than outside. Designing, renovating and maintaining homes and buildings all create opportunities for healthier indoor air quality. We help you find ways to provide clean fresh air and incorporate building systems and products that reduce allergens, chemicals, and pollutants.


Environmental Health

The air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat all affect our health. Industrial, commercial and personal activities can create harmful emissions to air, water or land that affect the health of our ecosystems. Characterizing environmental health risks is critical to designing innovative and effective programs, policies and practices. We have worked with private companies, government agencies, and non profit organizations to achieve sustainable environmental health improvements.


One Touch: Creating Healthy and Energy Efficient Housing 

One Touch is an innovative and nationally recognized program that builds local collaborations and e-referrals among health, housing and energy home visiting programs to cost-effectively increase family access to health and energy services.


Strategic & Management Advisory Services

We serve as a sounding board during transition periods, strategic reassessments, and ongoing operations. Our clients call on us to design strategic initiatives, secure funding, and structure innovative collaborations across public and private sectors.