We work with clients to design and implement strategies to help you achieve your policy and/or programmatic goals. Often this involves recruiting coalition partners, marshaling key data, and packaging a compelling story.

  • Directly influenced six Federal regulations supporting meaningful progress on childhood lead poisoning. Coordinated national advocacy campaigns and technical studies to bolster advocacy efforts. Resulting Federal programs improved health conditions in 38 million homes and shaped regulations in all 50 states.
  • Developed pioneering environmental hazard assessment protocols used in over 3,500 homes nationwide. Testing results were used to advocate for housing and health policy changes. (www.cehrc.org)
  • Initiated partnership with private construction firms, hospitals, and environmental officials to undertake innovative diesel emission reduction actions. Strategies adopted by Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, and leading Boston area construction and architectural firms.
  • Managed the development team for part of www.scorecard.org, a nationally recognized website offering information on environmental health risks, access to advocates, and data driven advocacy tools.