nature-q-c-513-296-3I recently spoke at the New England Sustainable Energy Association (NESA) conference. It’s always an inspiring event, with so many smart, insightful and motivated professionals.  My talk on the health consequences of energy upgrades was featured in Eco Building Pulse News. The opportunities to create healthier housing when energy work is done are significant.  We need to make sure that energy work does not create health problems from by increasing carbon monoxide, radon, or lead hazards and also seize these moments to improve the air we breathe in our homes. For those with asthma, which is roughly 10% of the population, energy related housing improvements can also reduce asthma triggers and really improve our quality of life.  Read article

John Tooley’s talk on water usage took my breath away.  It turns out that it takes over 2500 gallons of water to create a hamburger. So in addition to our work to conserve water in buildings, its time to re-examine they way we live and heat.