The Challenge
In 2001 health and housing leaders in New England were alarmed by the staggering increase in asthma among children. To address the problem, they formed The Asthma Regional Council of New England (ARC) and embarked on a pioneering 12 step plan to reduce the burden of asthma on children and families in the region. A core element of the strategic plan was to reduce asthma triggers in homes.


Our Solution
Working with ARC, Tohn Environmental Strategies designed, managed and secured funding for ARC’s nationally recognized healthy housing work. The firm’s principal, Ellen Tohn, developed ARC’s groundbreaking Healthy Homes Building Guidelines which were endorsed regional health and housing experts. Ms. Tohn then worked with leaders in all six New England states to promote the guidelines through training sessions with over 500 builders, architects, housing owners, and state officials and strategic outreach to agencies funding affordable housing development.


Buoyed by the increased interest in green housing, the guidelines were incorporated into standards used by all six state affordable housing finance agencies and several large public housing authorities affecting the management of 15,000 existing housing units and 3,500 units built each year. The guidelines have helped make New England a leader in green and healthy housing.
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